Fresh food demands reliable processing. SEALPAC machines have been designed to process all types of packaging materials and systems, and can therefore be used in every area of the food industry. SEALPAC packs your products, be it fresh meat, poultry, ready meals, soup or seafood, at the highest quality, cost-efficiently and trouble-free in the packaging of your choice.

Innovative packaging solutions

Continuous improvements and innovations have been our primary goal ever since SEALPAC was incorporated. It illustrates our high level of machine designing and construction. In fact, it has been firmly rooted in our logo: Forming Innovations. And in the various packaging solutions that we have developed and will develop, together with our customers in the food industry.


Nowadays, packaging which is eye-catching and easy to handle appeals to the consumer. Products with an attractive shape, design and handling provoke impulse purchases and contribute to increased sales. Manufacturers must constantly be considering technology
and machinery performance. As your partner, SEALPAC aims to contribute to your success. We collect your needs and develop solutions for you to release to the market immediately. Because we know: appearance is reflected in the originality of the shape!