machine_pic PRO

Looking for a thermoformer with smallest footprint, yet maximum loading area? The SEALPAC PRO-series thermoformers provide the answer. With machine lengths starting at 3 meters, these machines require only minimal space in your production area. With their frame made out of one piece, they are extremely easy to transport, also if you decide to redesign your production space.

All components in the PRO-series machines are manufactured in such a way that they can easily be cleaned. Furthermore, servo-driven chains and lubricant-free lifting systems reduce your maintenance costs to a minimum. The newly developed touch-screen monitor with icons makes these machines very easy to operate.

The SEALPAC PRO thermoformer is the perfect solution for flexible film applications (including ShrinkStyle®) and rigid film applications (including ThermoSkin®).



  • Smallest footprint
  • Maximized loading area
  • Frame out of one piece
  • Unique modular design
  • Rapid Air Forming
  • Highest value for money

Technical details

  • Frame length: 3,000 - 6,000 mm
  • Machine width: 1,300 mm
  • Film width: 320, 420, 460 mm (option 250 - 460 mm)
  • Cut off length: 200 - 400 mm (side pin), 150 - 400 mm (narrow top web)
  • Maximum draw depth: 140 mm
  • Compressed air: 6 - 7 bar (90 PSI)
  • Electrical: 3 ph 230 V / 60Hz, 3 ph 400 V / 50Hz
  • Cooling water: 160 l/hr, max. 15°C