Testimonial Convenience foods

Thermoformer improves packaging of convenience products

Vleems is a well-known manufacturer of convenience products in The Netherlands. For over 40 years, the company has been producing various kinds of microwavable snacks, such as cheeseburgers, hamburgers and hotdogs. These products are sold under the brand name Flemmings and under private label in almost every supermarket in The Netherlands, but also at retailers in Belgium, Germany and Italy. Vleems has been relying on thermoformers for over 30 years. Due to the changing market circumstances, also triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for consumption of convenience snacks at home has increased by 30%. Therefore, a higher capacity was needed to ensure the continuity of the company.

A new RE25 thermoforming machine will reinforce the machine park at Vleems at short notice, in order to achieve the desired increase in output. “It was a necessary step to be ready for the future”, says Michel Drenth, Manager at Vleems Convenience Snacks. “The new thermoformer is capable of handling different types of film. We will be working with thinner film, therefore making the packs more sustainable.” Especially for convenience products, their appearance at retail is crucial. By applying Rapid Air Forming technology, combined with a striking, printed top film, both excellent presentation and pack stability are guaranteed, making the products of Vleems stand out at retail. Furthermore, by sealing under modified atmosphere (MAP), longest shelf life of each snack is ensured.

  • فبراير 2023
  • 14/02 - 16/02
    (Lillestrøm, Norway)
  • 15/02 - 17/02
    Supermarket Trade Show
    (Chiba, Japan)
  • 21/02 - 22/02
    Seafood Show
    (Osaka, Japan)
  • 28/02 - 03/03
    Bakery and Confectionery Show
    (Chiba, Japan)
  • مارس 2023
  • 07/03 - 10/03
    Japan Meat Industry
    (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 14/03 - 16/03
    (Rennes, France)
  • 20/03 - 24/03
    EMO open doors event
    (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 22/03 - 24/03
    Nemco Slicing & Packaging Days
    (Viby, Denmark)
  • مايو 2023
  • 04/05 - 10/05
    (Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • 20/05 - 26/05
    International Agricultural Fair
    (Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • 24/05 - 26/05
    Foodservice, Industry & Creation
    (Fukuoka, Japan)
  • 30/05 - 02/06
    Seoul Food & Hotel
    (Seoul, South Korea)


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