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Gamba Packaging: hermetically sealed shrimp packaging

Specifically for unprocessed shrimp, SEALPAC has invented the innovative Gamba Packaging system, which is available both on our traysealers and thermoformers. With this system, the hollow antennas of the shrimp no longer result in leaking packages.

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Discover Gamba Packaging

Gamba Packaging seafood

Hermetic seal:

Hollow parts are cut off during the sealing process

Shelf life:

Suitable for modified atmosphere packaging

No more leaking packs

Testimonial Gamba Packaging

Shrimp at Belgian company safely packaged with Gamba Packaging technology.

Van Roey, Belgium

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Gamba Packaging on SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, France

Gamba Packaging on SEALPAC A10 traysealer

SEALPAC A10 traysealer, France

How does Gamba Packaging work

People around the world enjoy eating fresh shrimp. Packaging shrimp is not an easy task due to the variable shape of the product. SEALPAC was able to invent a unique packaging system under the name Gamba Packaging.

Optimal product safety

Normally, the hollow parts of the shrimp form a significant risk for leaking packages. Gamba Packaging ensures that antennas and other body parts, which lie over the sealing edge, are cut off during the sealing process. As a result, they do not influence the sealing quality.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimal sealing quality
  • Prevents leaking packages
  • Excellent presentation of product
  • Extended shelf life
  • High-output packaging process

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Machines suitable for Gamba Packaging

أجهزة تغليف الصواني وغلقها من السلسلة Amax
أجهزة تغليف وغلق الصواني المؤتمتة بالكامل والمواكبة للمستقبل 
RE-series, thermoformer, thermoforming machine, packaging machine
المحولات الحرارية من سلسلة RE
المحولات الحرارية المؤتمتة بالكامل والمواكبة للمستقبل 

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