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Lidding systems for every application

With our lid applicators, we offer you the capacities you need for your packaging line. Depending on performance and application, you may choose from our range of magazine lidding systems.

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Discover our MD servo magazine lidding system

MD servo magazine lidding system

Extra-large magazine:

Less frequent loading

High outputs:

Up to 15 cycles per minute


Endless flexibility in movement


Magazines for different lid sizes possible


Intuitive display navigation

MD servo magazine lidding system

  • MD servo magazine lidding system

SEALPAC’s MD magazine lidding system is perfectly suited to high-output applications. Due to its extra-large magazine with 1,000 mm stack height, large numbers of lids are smoothly placed on the trays each cycle. Also available in double lane, the MD lidding system is able to process up to two different lid formats at the same time.

Benefits at a glance

  • Highest speed and output
  • Suitable for all SEALPAC Amax-series traysealers
  • Extra-large magazine
  • Optional: magazines for different lid sizes
  • Servo-driven for optimal control

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MD-S servo magazine lidding system

  • MD-S servo magazine lidding system
  • MD-S1200 lidding system

Our compact MD-S lid applicators require no technical connections other than electrical power. Equipped with servo drive, they achieve an unparalleled lidding result. Each model is easily integrated in new and existing lines.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully electric
  • Servo-driven for optimal control
  • Ergonomic covers allow for easy access
  • Hygienic design

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