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M-series: compact, semi-automatic traysealers

Whether you are a traditional butcher, an institutional kitchen, or your expertise is in product development or market testing, small production runs also need the right machine for the job. Our M-series semi-automatic traysealers provide the answer, as well as a clear increase in efficiency.

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Economical use of materials

Excellent sealing:

Individually attached sealing heads


Extremely stable and compact construction

Operator friendly:

Panel with touch-screen control


Handles all types of sealable trays and film


Change to different pack formats in just minutes

Traysealer der M-Serie im Detail

SEALPAC is among the leading manufacturers of fully automated food packaging solutions. Nevertheless, there is also a demand for tray-sealing solutions in smaller companies. We developed the M-series specifically for this market segment. Our semi-automatic traysealers are perfectly tuned to small production runs with varying products, like are common at traditional butchers or institutional kitchens.

Easy upgrade to full automation

Also within medium- or large-sized food manufacturers, the M-series may come in handy, for example in the area of product development or market testing. As these traysealers have been built according to the same standards as their fully automated relatives within the Amax-series, for example in terms of sealing technology or programme settings, any application tested on our semi-automatic traysealers can easily be transformed to our fully automated Amax-series. Combined with their compact design, the SEALPAC M-series provides an unbeatable value for money.

Benefits at a glance

  • Small footprint
  • Hygienic design
  • Quick tooling exchange system for optimal flexibility
  • Optimal sealing pressure due to individually attached sealing heads
  • Comes with all the proven SEALPAC technologies
  • Easy to switch to the fully automated Amax-series

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  • Brochure M-series

    Complete overview of the various models available within the M-series traysealers.

  • Juni 2023
  • 06/06 - 09/06
    (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 14/06 - 17/06
    ProPak Asia
    (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • 28/06 - 30/06
    Sapporo Pack
    (Sapporo, Japan)
  • Juli 2023
  • 12/07 - 14/07
    (Osaka, Japan)
  • 25/07 - 28/07
    Food & Hotel Indonesia
    (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • August 2023
  • 23/08 - 25/08
    International Seafood Expo
    (Tokyo, Japan)


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