Simons Halal Food, 1

Zero downtime, maximum output for halal meat

These days, shortage of personnel is a challenge for every food company. The continuous changes in the workforce require practical solutions, such as training on the job, to be able to deliver a constant production output. With this in mind, the equipment used for processing and packaging should certainly not be a bottleneck. As a result, manufacturers are searching for zero downtime and maximum output with a minimum workforce that can operate their equipment with ease.

The situation outlined above is recognizable for Simons Halal Food in The Netherlands. In 2021, the company replaced three old machines with one RE25 thermoformer, which realizes 11,000 packages per hour, 15 hours per day. Operating the packaging machine is simple, as well as comprehensible for everyone in their own language. As Mike Verheijden, Operations Manager at Simons Halal, explains: “The new thermoformer is a great solution for the various types of products and packaging formats that we use, which can be exchanged with minimum downtime”.

The company leads in halal products by producing half a million kilos of meat per week, and is known for its halal luncheon meat, halal frankfurters, halal garlic sausages, halal sliced ​​meats, as well as a range of premium halal convenience products, which it exports to countries like Germany, UK, and Dubai. Verheijden: “We make beautiful products that appeal to a large group of consumers. As a Muslim, you currently have limited choice in halal ready-to-eat products and convenience foods. There is still growth in that. If we had to invest in a second machine, it would be another RE25”.

  • abril 2024
  • 23/04 - 25/04
    (Vancouver, Canada)
  • mayo 2024
  • 18/05 - 23/05
    International Agricultural Fair
    (Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • 18/05 - 18/05
    Salon Agro Hauts-de-France
    (Saint-Laurent-Blangy, France)
  • junio 2024
  • 04/06 - 07/06
    (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 04/06 - 07/06
    Expo Pack
    (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • 11/06 - 14/06
    Seoul Food & Hotel
    (Seoul, South Korea)
  • 12/06 - 15/06
    ProPak Asia
    (Bangkok, Thailand)


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