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Innovative packaging solutions significantly increase the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. When stored in an optimal atmosphere, their metabolism slows down so they remain fresh, crunchy and appetizing for longer. A modern fruit or vegetable pack must fulfil a wide variety of different requirements.

Producers, aside from highest food standards and product protection, expect maximum efficiency in their production process. Retailers are demanding maximum shelf life, attractive optics to provide buying impulses to customers, and best logistical characteristics such as stacking at point of purchase. Consumers’ wishes include not only an excellent fresh product and an easy-to-open pack but increasingly, improved environmental sustainability. Smaller pack sizes, shorter preparation times and even ready-to-eat portions are now standard.

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Nuestros conceptos de envasado preparados para el futuro

  • Create attractive designs by sealing two pack formats in a single operation

  • Save plastics by sealing and lidding in one single step

  • Maximum shelf life of fresh produce, both at retail and the consumer

  • Sustainable alternative to stretch-wrapping under modified atmosphere

  • Skin packaging system for tray-sealing applications


Sealed trays for berries save on plastics

Testimonal fruit & vegetables

Baumann invests in SEALPAC double lane traysealer for sealing of resource-saving rPET trays.

Baumann, Germany

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Mushroom producer switches to tray sealing

Testimonial fruit & vegetables

Significant plastic reduction in the packaging of whole mushrooms.

Agarica, The Netherlands

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Packaging of fresh cresses with optimal protection and shelf life

Testimonial fruit & vegetables

SEALPAC assists Dutch manufacturer in creating mini greenhouse.

Koppert Cress, The Netherlands

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Fruit snack to go in reclosable tray

SEALPAC A5 traysealer, Ewerman, Sweden

Processing and packaging of mushrooms in trays

SEALPAC A7 traysealer, Koolen Champignons, The Netherlands

Large volume packs of peeled potatoes

SEALPAC RE20 thermoformer, Smalands, Sweden

Securely sealed guacamole treated with high pressure processing

SEALPAC A6 traysealer, Frutas Montosa, Spain

Mango dip with maximum shelf life in reclosable tray

SEALPAC A4 traysealer, Frutas Montosa, Spain

Optimal shelf life and presentation for guacamole and mango dip

Frutas Montosa, Spain

Frutas Montosa combines SEALPAC tray-sealing equipment with high pressure processing.

Frutas Montosa, Spain

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Efficient packaging of whole mushrooms

SEALPAC A5 traysealer, Agarica, The Netherlands


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    Overview of SEALPAC solutions for the fruit & vegetables industry.

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