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Solutions for the processed meat industry

More and more consumers prefer the convenience of easy-to-grab, attractively pre-packaged processed meat products. These days, a large variety of packaging solutions are available for different types of sliced meat, sausages and meat spreads, allowing for extended shelf life and maximum food hygiene. The consumer‘s decision to buy from an ever growing product range at retail is increasingly influenced by product appearance: only products that look good will taste good.

Whether it concerns MAP or shrink packaging, with or without an opening aid or reclosability, and preferably produced from environmental-friendly materials – next to convenience and product security, product optics are increasingly important to consumers. As a supplier of innovative packaging technology, SEALPAC enables the processed meat industry to develop practical and appealing packaging solutions that adhere to the highest demands in freshness, product security and shelf life. See for yourself.

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Nuestros conceptos de envasado preparados para el futuro

  • Portion packaging that allows for optimal protection and less waste

  • Save plastics by sealing and lidding in one single step

  • Clever easy opening system for various applications

  • Sustainable, cardboard-based pack for sliced products

  • Paper-based packaging solution for sliced products

  • Paper-based skin packaging solution with optimal recyclability

  • Reclosable packaging for oxygen-sensitive, spreadable products

  • Portion packs that require less plastic and reduce waste

    Separate InsideCut 
  • Fully automated shrink packaging system with hermetic seals

  • Skin packaging system for thermoformer applications

  • Skin packaging system for tray-sealing applications


Zero downtime, maximum output for halal meat

Simons Halal Food, 1

Constant production output due to RE25 thermoformer

Simons Halal Food, The Netherlands

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Pioneers in processing and packaging of meat

Testimonal processed meat

SEALPAC thermoformers contribute to growth strategy of Spanish meat manufacturer.

Blancafort Foods, Spain

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Yonekyu’s meat products stand out at retail and convenience stores

Testimonal processed meat

Multiple SEALPAC thermoformers assist Yonekyu Kagayaki Corporation in creating enjoyable dining experiences.

Yonekyu Kagayaki, Japan

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From traditional butcher to well-respected meat processing facility

Testimonial processed meat

French company finds added value in SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformer.

Metzger Muller, France

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Frozen bacon blocks in flexible film vacuum packaging

SEALPAC PRO thermoformer, Blancafort Foods, Spain

Sliced ham in thermoformer packaging under MAP

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Yonekyu Kagayaki, Japan

Sliced hams and pates in modified atmosphere packaging

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Domaine Picard, France

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer for cured hams

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Pernils Llémena, Spain

Sliced meat in thermoformer packaging at highest outputs

SEALPAC RE30 thermoformer, Bigler, Switzerland

Sliced meat in thermoformer packaging under MAP

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Huhtahyvät, Finland

Fully automated tray-sealing of sliced meat varieties at highest outputs

SEALPAC A10 traysealer, EDEKA, Germany

Successful relaunch of meat products in Switzerland

Testimonial TraySkin ThermoSkin meat

Meat manufacturer Bigler relaunches its meat products in a striking, uniform design.

Bigler, Switzerland

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  • InFocus Processed Meat

    Overview of SEALPAC solutions for the processed meat industry.

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    Pack Expo
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