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Chez SEALPAC nous sommes toujours ravis de communiquer au public nos analyses de marchés ainsi que les informations sur nos nouveau produits et sur nos innovations en matière d’emballage. Nous croyons à une relations forte et de longue durée avec les médias, nous invitons donc chaleureusement les professionnels du secteur à prendre contact avec nous.


Marcel Veenstra
Attaché de presse :Marcel Veenstra, Marketing & Communications Manager
Téléphone mobile :+31 6 50 45 64 39
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  • Press release FlatMap

    SEALPAC launches sustainable packaging solution for sliced products

    Eye-catching optics with less use of plastic: FlatMap® is SEALPAC’s latest sustainable packaging system for sliced products under modified atmosphere. This resource-saving alternative not only relies on a high proportion of renewable raw materials, but also offers plenty of space for communication. Its striking and innovative look guarantees maximum attention of food products at retail.

  • Testimonial FlatMap processed meat

    Swiss manufacturer Bigler AG is causing a stir at retail with FlatMap®

    After finalizing a successful project across European borders, meat manufacturer Bigler relies on the brand-new, paper-based FlatMap® solution for its sliced meat. Packaging equipment manufacturer SEALPAC, together with packaging materials suppliers Buergofol and Van Genechten Packaging, found the right partner in Bigler to develop this new packaging concept, which has now been launched at Swiss retail.

  • Revival of EasyLid

    Revival of the EasyLid® system

    How to make three out of two: EasyLid® allows for more sustainable packaging of deli products by saving a full step in the process.

  • eTray at Ponnath

    Vegan minced meat from Vantastic Foods in paper-based eTray®

    Ponnath GmbH in Germany recently launched its latest plant-based meat alternative, packaged under modified atmosphere and in a resource-saving manner.

  • Interview sustainability

    Innovative solutions owing to SEALPAC’s “GO sustainable!” initiative

    For some time now, the headlines of the food industry have been dominated by the extensive EU plastics regulation, which is calling for considerably less plastic and significantly more recycling. Packaging specialist SEALPAC took up this topic in a variety of ways. Well-developed concepts that save on the environment and allow for more sustainable packaging of food items have been met with great interest by food manufacturers recently.

  • juillet 2021
  • 07/07 - 09/07
    International Seafood Expo
    (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 28/07 - 30/07
    ProPak Vietnam
    (Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam)