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Solutions for the bakery industry

Whether it concerns pastry, pancakes or artisan bread, bakery products are consumed fresh at best. In order to prevent food waste, their shelf life is of the highest importance, and packaging plays an important role in this area. For example, by using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), the freshness of bakery products can be prolonged considerably.

On the other hand, there is the need for an appealing presentation, which also depends on the packaging. SEALPAC has a long-standing experience in the bakery industry and offers various solutions, both on traysealers and thermoformers. Check out our range of packaging solutions to ensure your product remains fresh and protected throughout the distribution chain, whilst meeting highest standards in food hygiene.

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Our future-proof packaging concepts

  • Portion packs that require less plastic and reduce waste

    Separate InsideCut 

Bakery products in flexible film packaging

SEALPAC RE20 thermoformer

Cookies in attractive portion packaging

SEALPAC A7 traysealer, Jules Destrooper, Belgium

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