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From traditional food to lifestyle product: the general trend towards low-meat and vegetarian diets continues. But it is not only those, who are deliberately seeking for alternative food items, that highly appreciate dairy, and especially cheese: the dairy segment is trendy and the variety in products enormous. Whether cow, sheep or goat, hard or soft cheese, produced regionally or globally – whoever loves hearty food will find a wide range of traditional and specialty dairy products to meet his or her taste.

Also when it comes to snacking, cheese has become an ever popular item: versatile, made according to surprising recipes and appetizingly presented in safe and convenient packaging. Discover what SEALPAC can do for your product.



  • Portion packaging that allows for optimal shelf life and less waste

  • Create attractive designs by sealing two pack formats in a single operation

  • Save plastics by sealing and lidding in one single step

  • Sustainable, cardboard-based pack for sliced products

  • Paper-based packaging solution for sliced products

  • Paper-based skin packaging solution with optimal recyclability

  • Portion packs that require less plastic and reduce waste

    Separate InsideCut 
  • Fully automated shrink packaging system with hermetic seals

  • Skin packaging system for thermoformer applications

  • Skin packaging system for tray-sealing applications


High-speed line for sliced cheese varieties in trays

SEALPAC A8 traysealer, EDEKA, Germany

Transport packaging for large cheese blocks

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Arla, Sweden

High-output production of sliced cheese packs

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Arla, Sweden

Complete line solution for triangular cheese in thermoformer packs

SEALPAC RE30 thermoformer, Arla, Sweden

Sliced cheese packs with special reclosability system

Testimonial dairy

Complete line solution for reclosable thermoformer packs.

Arla, Sweden

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Fully automated line for packaging of various cheese products

Testimonial dairy

Automated production at Israeli dairy factory by means of SEALPAC thermoformer.

Hamachlava, Israel

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  • 6月 2023
  • 06/06 - 09/06
    (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 14/06 - 17/06
    ProPak Asia
    (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • 28/06 - 30/06
    Sapporo Pack
    (Sapporo, Japan)
  • 7月 2023
  • 12/07 - 14/07
    (Osaka, Japan)
  • 25/07 - 28/07
    Food & Hotel Indonesia
    (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • 9月 2023
  • 25/09 - 29/09
    EMO open doors event
    (Barcelona, Spain)


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