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Spontaneously bought, consumed on the go or heated up in just a few minutes – healthy snacks and easily prepared ready meals are becoming ever more popular, as consumers have less time and are continuously seeking for convenience. As a result, our shopping behaviour is changing: buying on impulse is growing fast and less people purchase food to be stocked.

In the meantime, consumer demands are increasing. Quality, freshness and excellent taste have become self-evident. The consumer’s decision to buy from an ever growing product range on the retail shelves is strongly influenced by product appeal: only products that look good taste good and are therefore tempting to buy. Whether it concerns MAP or shrink packaging, with or without an opening aid or reclosability, and preferably produced from environmental-friendly materials, SEALPAC has the solutions.

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Onze toekomstbestendige verpakkingsconcepten

  • Create attractive designs by sealing two pack formats in a single operation

  • Save plastics by sealing and lidding in one single step

  • Paper-based tray for packaging under modified atmosphere

  • Portion packs that require less plastic and reduce waste

    Separate InsideCut 
  • Skin packaging system for tray-sealing applications


Packaging of salad spreads in various tray formats

SEALPAC A5 traysealer, Looman Salades, The Netherlands

Thermoformer improves packaging of convenience products

Testimonial Convenience foods

New RE25 thermoformer improves output and sustainability.

Vleems Convenience Snacks, The Netherlands

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Convenience foods in thermoformer packaging

SEALPAC PRO thermoformer, Cuinats Jotri, Spain

SEALPAC A7 traysealer for convenience products

SEALPAC A7 traysealer, Casa Mas, Spain

Securely sealed guacamole treated with high pressure processing

SEALPAC A6 traysealer, Frutas Montosa, Spain

Ready meals in paper-based tray

SEALPAC A5 traysealer, MatBørsen, Norway

Mango dip with maximum shelf life in reclosable tray

SEALPAC A4 traysealer, Frutas Montosa, Spain

True craftsmanship in convenience foods

Testimonial Convenience foods

SEALPAC equipment assists in achieving high-quality, home-made convenience foods.

Cuinats Jotri, Spain

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BARD-Metzgerei-Produkte relies on high-quality craftsmanship and equipment

Testimonial Convenience foods

Long-lasting partnership with SEALPAC proved its value in an emergency situation.

BARD-Metzgerei-Produkte, Germany

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Optimal shelf life and presentation for guacamole and mango dip

Frutas Montosa, Spain

Frutas Montosa combines SEALPAC tray-sealing equipment with high pressure processing.

Frutas Montosa, Spain

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  • InFocus Convenience Foods

    Overview of SEALPAC solutions for the convenience foods industry.

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  • 11/09 - 12/09
    Elintarvike Teollisuus
    (Tampere, Finland)
  • 11/09 - 13/09
    Ultrapak open doors event
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  • 17/09 - 20/09
    Tecno Fidta
    (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • oktober 2024
  • 22/10 - 25/10
    (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • 23/10 - 25/10
    Tokyo Pack
    (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 30/10 - 03/11
    (Bucharest, Romania)
  • november 2024
  • 03/11 - 06/11
    Pack Expo
    (Chicago, USA)
  • 05/11 - 07/11
    Gulfood Manufacturing
    (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


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