SealCup processed meat

SealCup®: reclosable tray for spreadable products

SEALPAC has developed a new packaging system for oxygen-sensitive, spreadable products. Your product will remain fresh longer, whilst the SealCup® system with its distinctive design promotes your brand in retail displays as well as on the kitchen table. The easy handling ensures customer satisfaction to the last bite.

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Discover SealCup®

SealCup processed meat

Appetizing colour:

Low residual oxygen levels

Easy opening:

By means of functional peel tab


Convenient in case of multiple use

Classic product in a modern outfit

Testimonial SealCup

New tray for meat spreads with highest possible appeal and maximum shelf life.

Rügenwalder, Germany

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How does SealCup® work

With SealCup®, SEALPAC has developed a packaging system for oxygen-sensitive, spreadable products with highly demanding specifications. The product will remain fresh longer, owing to our MAP+ system, which ensures that residual oxygen levels are reduced below 0.3%. This prevents discolouration and solves any curing issues.

Fresh to the last bite

The SealCup® system can be used for a variety of sizes and shapes. By applying InsideCut sealing in combination with a peel tab, the basics are provided for a convenient and effective reclosable solution.

Benefits at a glance

  • Low residual oxygen levels
  • Excellent colour stability and optimal curing
  • Attractive design and easy handling
  • Functional peel tab for easy opening
  • Longer shelf life and less contamination
  • Suitable for all available tray forms

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Machines suitable for SealCup®

M-series traysealers
Compact, semi-automatic traysealers 
Amax-series traysealers
Future-proof, fully automated traysealers  

Auxiliary equipment

Denesting and lidding
Denesting systems 
MD servo magazine lidding system
Lidding systems 
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