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TenderPac®: dual-compartment vacuum system for red meat

The TenderPac® system, which is available on SEALPAC’s complete range of packaging equipment, guarantees an appealing and consumer-friendly presentation of any maturing meat product. It convinces with excellent tender quality and aromatic flavour.

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Discover TenderPac®

TenderPac fresh meat

Optimal microbiology:

Hygienic separation of meat and drip loss


Creates an automatic vacuum to collect drip loss

Striking presentation:

Second skin appearance

Maximum freshness:

Improved tenderness, colour and flavour

Animation of the innovative TenderPac system


How does TenderPac® work

TenderPac® is a dual-compartment vacuum packaging system that creates the optimal conditions for fresh red meat in the pre-packaged segment. The second compartment neatly collects the drip loss, as well as residual oxygen and metabolites, by means of a specially developed ActiveStick. This ensures that the meat is stored dry and appetizingly during its entire shelf life. Even after opening TenderPac®, the consumer will not come into contact with the drip loss.

Excellent tenderness, full of flavour

Whether produced from cost-efficient PA/PE flexible film on our thermoformers or applied as top-quality skin solution on our traysealers, TenderPac® is perfectly tuned to the maturation process of high-class meat products. The system convinces with excellent tenderness and aromatic flavour of the product.

Benefits at a glance

  • Hygienic separation of meat and drip loss
  • Improved colour and optimized maturation process
  • Maximum shelf life
  • Secure and sturdy packaging
  • Attractive vertical or horizontal product presentation
  • Tender in structure, full of flavour

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Machines suitable for TenderPac®

M-series traysealers
Compact, semi-automatic traysealers 
Amax-series traysealers
Future-proof, fully automated traysealers  
RE-series, thermoformer, thermoforming machine, packaging machine
RE-series thermoformers
Future-proof, fully automated thermoformers 
PRO-series, thermoformer, thermoforming machine, packaging machine
PRO-series thermoformers
Compact, cost-efficient thermoformers 

Auxiliary equipment

Denesting and lidding
Denesting systems 
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