PRO-series, thermoformer, thermoforming machine, packaging machine

PRO-series: modular, cost-efficient thermoformers

Looking for a thermoformer with smallest footprint, yet maximum loading area? The SEALPAC PRO-series thermoformers provide the answer. With machine lengths starting at 3 meters, these thermoforming machines require only minimal space in your production area. Overall, the PRO thermoformer provides lowest cost of ownership, making it a long-term investment for any manufacturer.

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Discover the PRO-series thermoformers

PRO-series hotspots, thermoformer, thermoforming machine, packaging machine

Smallest footprint:

Compact design, yet extremely large loading area

Easy to operate:

Self-explanatory touch-screen display

Hygienic design:

Stainless steel with rounded corners and smooth edges

Four-point lifting systems:

Optimal forces in forming and sealing station

Standardized components:

Available worldwide for minimal downtime

Optimal flexibility:

Tooling quick exchange system from the side

PRO-series thermoformers in detail

Discover the new PRO-series thermoformers, which are perfectly suited for a wide range of products in varying outputs. What all SEALPAC thermoforming machines have in common is their high performance, precision and efficiency – and all this with smallest footprint and low cost of ownership.

Modular design

The PRO thermoformers are characterized by their unmatched modular design. This makes them easy to configure to your specific needs. It starts with the basic PRO thermoforming machine, which is suitable to run flexible and rigid film for vacuum packaging and sealing only applications. Depending on your wishes, various modules can be added to run other packaging solutions, such as the MAP module for modified atmosphere packaging, the ThermoSkin® module for skin packaging and the ShrinkStyle® module for shrink packaging. Add-ons are also available for heavy products and wet & crumbly products. If you plan to connect the SEALPAC PRO thermoformer to your factory software, the Connectivity module can be selected.

The safest thermoformer

Next to the mandatory safety regulations (e.g. CE), the SEALPAC PRO thermoformer is additionally tested and certified according to the strict German GS quality mark. This guarantees maximum safety for your operators. Initially designed for the German market, GS is now a worldwide recognized mark of quality and safety, which ensures that our thermoforming machines adhere to the highest possible standards.

Future-proof thermoformer

The PRO thermoformer has an innovative, self-supporting frame construction that enables optimal positioning and mounting of the various modules. This guarantees maximum lifespan and durability. In building the PRO thermoformer, we do not use welding, but make sure all parts are securely connected. In addition, we only apply parts made out of one piece. Combined with film unwinding units mounted directly onto the frame and heavy-duty cutting systems that minimize the wear and tear of the knives, this packaging machine is your long-term solution.

Rapid Air Forming

The SEALPAC PRO thermoformer is the perfect solution for flexible film (including shrink film) and rigid film applications (including skin film). As you would expect, just like any other SEALPAC thermoforming machine, the PRO-series models are standard equipped with the energy-efficient and film-saving Rapid Air Forming system, which achieves an improved forming consistency, particularly in the corners of the pack, without requiring an additional stamp mechanism.

Benefits at a glance

  • Smallest footprint, yet largest loading area
  • Tooling quick exchange systems allow for changeovers with minimum downtime
  • Faster cycle times and thinner films due to Rapid Air Forming
  • Modular construction
  • Hygienic design due to hinged side panels and open construction
  • Simple operation with easy-to-access touch-screen monitor
  • Heavy-duty construction, highest quality in its class
  • Four-point lifting systems for optimal forming and sealing
  • Lowest maintenance costs (e.g. smart valves and servo-driven chain)

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  • Brochure PRO-series

    Complete overview of the various models available within the PRO-series thermoformers.

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