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Whether chicken, turkey, duck or goose – today’s kitchen not only values poultry meat for its versatile flavours, but also because it provides biologically important protein and contains less fat and therefore fewer calories than other meat. This is why poultry has become extremely appreciated by consumers, as can be seen from its ever-growing share in the global meat production in recent years.

Those who want to convince the increasingly demanding consumer of their poultry products need to satisfy in terms of quality and freshness. Modern packaging solutions assist in protecting these sensitive products, while extending their shelf life. By applying special features, poultry products are able to stand out from the crowd – for example in the fast-growing segment of snacks.

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Наши концепции упаковки, готовые к требованиям будущего

  • Clever easy opening system for various applications

  • Paper-based tray for packaging under modified atmosphere

  • Paper-based skin packaging solution with optimal recyclability

  • Portion packs that require less plastic and reduce waste

    Separate InsideCut 
  • Fully automated shrink packaging system with hermetic seals

  • Special vacuum technology for hot-filled products in thermoformer packs

  • Sustainable alternative to stretch-wrapping under modified atmosphere

  • Skin packaging system for thermoformer applications

  • Skin packaging system for tray-sealing applications


Semi-automatic traysealer for fresh meat and poultry

SEALPAC M-series traysealer

Premium packaging for premium poultry products

Testimonal poultry

Highly successful partnership between Pöttelsdorfer and SEALPAC.

Pöttelsdorfer Putenspezialitäten, Austria

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Fresh meat and poultry in modified atmosphere packaging

SEALPAC A6 traysealer, Boni Vers Ambacht, The Netherlands

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