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Amax-series: future-proof, fully automated traysealers

Compact dimensions, modular construction, low cost of ownership and highest outputs – the SEALPAC Amax-series can be used for almost any task or tray format. They are the most flexible in the marketplace, making them an absolutely future-proof investment.

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Откройте для себя трейсилеры серии Amax


Extremely flexible:

Quick tooling exchange system without hand tools

Heavy-duty construction:

Parts made out of one piece

Optimal film control:

Servo-driven film transport

Intelligent design:

Covers opening upwards

User friendly:

ID system recognizes tool and grippers

Easy to operate:

Intuitive display with latest graphics

Трейсилеры серии Amax подробно

SEALPAC is among the leading global developers of automated food packaging solutions. We have set new standards with our Amax-series of traysealers. In each of these machines, you will see the expertise, dedication and passion of our experienced engineers. In addition to an outstanding performance and precision, the Amax-series is characterized by highest reliability and efficiency. This is made possible by their extremely solid construction with parts manufactured mostly out of one piece and in-house.

The flexible class

Our A4max, A5max, A6max and A7max traysealers offer ideal solutions for small to medium outputs. Their tooling quick exchange system with fully integrated connections and practical trolley enables changeovers in just a few minutes. Modern RFID technology is applied to ensure that the right combination of tooling and grippers is used.

Peak performance

In mono lines with high outputs and limited format changes, the A8max and A10max traysealers are particularly convincing. They have been designed to provide long-lasting peak performances. One of their key properties is the sophisticated servo technology used for the lifting system, film transport and grippers. This enables an extremely quiet operation with less wear and tear at a consistent high performance. To tap the full potential of our high-output traysealers, they are optionally available in double lane execution.

Service and inspiration

Our service scope is every bit as convincing – from digital remote maintenance to on-site technical support. Thanks to intelligent logistics and our high rate of in-house manufacturing, spare parts and consumables are always in stock and ready for global delivery. In addition, our state-of-the-art SEALPAC Experience Center provides tried-and-tested operator and service technician training, and the opportunity to test new products before their market launch. In short: cutting-edge technology, made in Germany!

Benefits at a glance

  • Available in single and double lane execution: to achieve any required output
  • Heavy-duty construction: guarantees a long lifespan
  • Highest sealing pressure: maximum product security due to hermetically sealed trays
  • Tooling quick exchange system: allows for changeover without hand tools in just minutes
  • Optional with gripper storage trolley
  • SEALPAC MAP+ system: reduced product exposure, optimized gas figures and shorter cycle times
  • Flawless integration in new and existing production lines
  • Compact, hygienic design
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Easy operation with intuitive touch-screen monitor

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Материалы для загрузки

  • Brochure Amax-series

    Complete overview of the various models available within the Amax-series traysealers.

Вспомогательное оборудование

Denesting and lidding
Системы выборки тары из грузового пакета 
MD servo magazine lidding system
Системы установки крышек 
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  • 28/05 - 28/05
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  • Июнь 2024
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