ISM 2023

SEALPAC International Sales Meeting 2024

The Creativity Award is presented for innovative packaging solutions, recognizing excellence in the RE, PRO, and Amax categories. We evaluate submissions based on several key criteria: the uniqueness of the product, the creativity of the packaging concept, the level of optimal service provided by ensuring a headache-free experience, and the future-proof nature of the concept.

This award celebrates those who push the boundaries of packaging innovation and set new standards for the future.

Futternapf Pet Food Group – Sealpac GmbH

Header pet food EasyLid

Customer: Futternapf Pet Food Group
Machine: A5
Product: Pet food for cats
Packaging concept: EasyLid®

Futternapf Pet Food Group exists for over 30 years and sells its products in 22 European countries. With its own brand “PERFECTO”, Futternapf offers wholesale customers a wide range of high-quality products to ideally complement existing product lines or to create new ones.

Futternapf was looking for a more sustainable packaging solution for cat treats and chose Easylid® as its sustainable packaging concept for the future. They selected a heart-shaped tray with in-mould label to stand out on the retail shelf.

Bigler – Sealpac Schweiz

Testimonial FlatMap processed meat

Customer: Bigler
Machine: A7
Product: Sliced meat
Packaging concept: FlatMap®

Bigler supplies retailers and butchers in Switzerland under private label, as well as under its own Bigler brand. Always open for new ideas, the company became a pioneer in 2017 by launching skin packaging based on cardboard carriers, also known as FlatSkin®. As such, Bigler paved the way for paper-based skin solutions on the Swiss market, which have since become the new standard.

FlatMap® was developed to allow for full recyclability. The result is convincing: the plastic content of the packaging has been reduced by around 70% compared to conventional MAP solutions. Compared with the best competitor products available on the Swiss market, FlatMap® performed significantly better in terms of CO² footprint.

Queijos Santiago – EMO

Press release cheese, 7

Customer: EMO
Machine: A4 (later replaced by an A6)
Product: Cheese
Packaging concept: FlatSkin®

Queijos Santiago in Portugal began packaging dairy products on an A4 traysealer. The company was the first to apply the FlatSkin® application in the dairy segment. It is using a unique presentation of three cheeses on a FlatSkin® board. After using the A4 for a while, the product was so popular that the customer decided to exchange the A4 for an A6 traysealer, due to the higher output they needed.

Queijos Santiago chose the SEALPAC traysealer and FlatSkin® concept, because of the unique presentation for these special products and the typical Portuguese design that is printed on the FlatSkin® boards.

Nutrisa – Austral Pack

Customer: Nutrisa
Machine: PRO
Product: Bread
Packaging concept: MAP

In Chile, our distributor Austral Pack installed a SEALPAC PRO thermoformer at the company Nutrisa for packaging a large variety of bakery products under modified atmosphere. The PRO was supplied with three die sets (2.1, 3.1 and 4.2 index). Quick exchange systems for the sealing plate, bottom forming tool and bottom sealing tool assist Nutrisa in fast product changeovers.

Tacisa – EMO

Customer: Tacisa
Machine: PRO
Product: Haute cuisine meals
Packaging concept: Vacuum and MAP

This PRO thermoformer is for Spanish Michelin star-chef Jordi Cruz. On the PRO, haute cuisine meals are being packaged under vacuum and MAP. They chose the SEALPAC PRO because of the extended shelf life of their products, which ensures that the meals and meat products can be distributed within the entire country for special events.

Due to the different sizes of the products, Tacisa chose to have three die sets (1.1, 2.2, and 3.1 index). Because of the quick tool exchange system, they have minimum downtime when changing between formats.

Crusta C – Sealpac France

Gamba Packaging seafood

Customer: Crusta C
Machine: RE25 (2 pieces)
Product: Shrimp
Packaging concept: Gamba Packaging

The Crusta C Group has over 25 years of experience in fishing and aquaculture, with a specialization in tropical shrimp. The company has four production sites in France, from which it distributes its products to all major French and European retailers. The RE25 thermoformer was supplied in mirrored execution and placed adjacent to an existing SEALPAC RE25. The mirrored execution makes it possible to operate both lines centrally with less operators.

Normally, the hollow antennas of the shrimp form a huge risk of leaking packages. SEALPAC’s unique Gamba Packaging technology ensures that antennas and other body parts, which lie over the sealing edge, are cut off while being sealed. As such, they do not influence the sealing quality. Also, by moving from APET/PE to mono-film, Crusta C is now able to provide a recyclable pack for its precious seafood.

Looman Salades – Ultrapak

Customer: Looman Salades
Machine: A5 with AS-LS1200 denester
Product: Salad spreads
Packaging concept: MAP

In The Netherlands, the company Looman Salades runs two different trays on a SEALPAC A5 traysealer for packaging its gourmet salads. Next to a common plastic tray with lid, Looman is also testing the paper-based Halopack® tray. The future-proof, paper-based packaging concept was already taken into account when designing the line with SEALPAC denester and traysealer.

SEALPAC’s quick tooling exchange system allows Looman Salades to switch between tray formats with minimum downtime. Also, our Walking Beam system offers perfect tray placement for filling purposes.

Eisberg Österreich GmbH – Sealpac GmbH

ISM 2023

Customer: Eisberg Österreich GmbH
Machine: A7max double lane with MA-S denester and MD-S denester (2 pieces)
Product: Ready-to-eat salads
Packaging concept: MAP

Both lines are approximately 25 meters in length. The first line was installed in the spring of 2021. The second line, which has a similar set up, was installed only recently. The key factor to selling the first line was the project management, which resulted in building trust in SEALPAC. In addition, Sealpac GmbH offers excellent technical support in Austria. It was able to deliver the line within around four months. The satisfaction about the first line naturally contributed to the order for the second line.

By using a double-lane execution, Sealpac GmbH made sure to maintain a continuous production flow, significantly reducing downtime and increasing throughput. The MA-S denester is specifically designed for handling salad trays. This denester guarantees that each tray is precisely placed and ready for filling. The MD-S denester is tailored to in-lay trays, containing extras such as croutons or salad dressing. The seamless integration of 4 Cabinplant multi-head weighers guarantees precise portioning and consistent product quality.

Emdepes – Austral Pack

Customer: Emdepes
Machine: RE25
Product: Fresh fish
Packaging concept: Vacuum and MAP

On the RE25, our customer Emdepes is packaging its freshly caught whitefish called “Merluza”. Fishermen prepare the usable parts of the fish and manually load them in the thermoformer. After packaging the fresh fish, our customer keeps them frozen for up to three months.

The RE25 was mounted on a large fishing vessel, equipped with a special coating due to the aggressive environment at sea. Also, the machine has an adapted mount for the HMI to fit in the narrow spaces of the ship.

Pralinart – Ultrapak

Customer: Pralinart
Machine: A7max
Product: Chocolates
Packaging concept: MAP

Pralinart is part of Hamlet Belgium. Hamlet strives to make Belgian chocolate specialties accessible to the widest possible group of consumers all over the world, by offering unique products with a good  price-quality ratio, and a focus on sustainability and innovation. The Pralinart branche produces up to ten tons of chocolate per day.

After extensive capacity testing, Pralinart chose the SEALPAC A7max traysealer to replace their existing A7 to achieve almost 50% higher outputs. SEALPAC’s SmartBelt in-feed allows for precise transport of the trays, which all have a large peel tab that simplifies the opening of the tray. Our special heat protection plates prevent the chocolate from melting in the sealing station and SEALPAC was able to guarantee an excellent seal by means of its InsideCut system.

Nissin – NASCO

Customer: Nissin
Machine: PRO (12 pieces)
Product: Industrial meals
Packaging concept: Vacuum

Nissin Foods is a major Japanese food company, famous for its instant noodles, particularly the Cup Noodles brand. The company has a strong reputation for innovation in food products and has a significant market presence globally. Nissin is using 12 SEALPAC PRO thermoformers to package its industrial foods, enhancing product quality and shelf life.

Arla Foods HøgelundNemco

Customer: Arla Foods Høgelund
Machine: A7max double lane with MA1200-D denester (2 pieces)
Product: Cheese
Packaging concept: MAP

This project was sold as a complete line solution for which SEALPAC developed a special grid, allowing for loading during the Walking Beam movement. By using this custom-made grid, the products can be loaded with utmost care. It was made in house and tested carefully to meet the customer’s demands. The Walking Beam transportation ensures that the cheese is handled safely. The product is presented upside down at retail to provide full view of the cheese.

Jaques’ KruidenboterUltrapak

EasyLid dairy, 6

Customer: Jaques’ Kruidenboter
Machine: A6max
Product: Butter
Packaging concept: EasyLid®

For more than 45 years, Jacques’ Kruidenboter, also known as JKB Foods, has been a renowned supplier of herb butter, white cheese, olive products, and meal seasonings to customers all over Europe. A variety of butter is now packaged in EasyLid® trays under private label for one of the largest retailers in The Netherlands: Albert Heijn.

Long time ago, Jacques’ Kruidenboter acquired a SEALPAC SP350 traysealer. As soon as they became interested in EasyLid®, they evidently spoke to Ultrapak about purchasing a new traysealer of the Amax-series. Retailer Albert Heijn was highly enthusiastic about EasyLid® and convinced Jacques’ Kruidenboter to select this sustainable packaging concept for its butter spreads.

Cris-Tim – Pentapac

Customer: Cris-Tim
Machine: RE25
Product: Sliced meat
Packaging concept: DayByDay

Cris-Tim previously had a Multivac R535 thermoformer for packaging this product, but they wanted a shorter machine in their production area. Pentapac proposed an RE25, and since they were already pleased with SEALPAC (3x RE25 had already been placed at the customer at that moment), Pentapac won this project by (among other things) offering an extended guarantee and free-of-charge service.

At Pentapac, exceptional service is at the core of everything they do. Pentapac demands unwavering readiness from its service team: they are available 24/7 and will not leave until the job is done. This commitment ensures that customers never experience downtime or frustration. Recently, the customer tested a supposedly “cheaper” alternative, but quickly returned to SEALPAC. They realized that what Pentapac delivers in service is truly invaluable. It’s the assurance of no headaches, just reliable solutions when they need it most.

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