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Solutions for the fresh meat industry

Today’s requirements with regard to meat packaging are enormous. Apart from highest food safety, meat manufacturers expect a highly efficient production process. In the meantime, retailers are asking for maximum shelf life, attractive optics and best logistical characteristics. Last but not least, consumers desire a first-class meat product and easy opening of the pack.

The issue of sustainability has also become a key selling point. This poses an important question to the industry: how can fresh meat products be packaged in a resource-saving way, without having to compromise on product protection, hygiene, handling and the like? SEALPAC has the answers.



  • Clever easy opening system for various applications

  • Paper-based tray for packaging under modified atmosphere

  • Paper-based skin packaging solution with optimal recyclability

  • Portion packs that require less plastic and reduce waste

    Separate InsideCut 
  • Fully automated shrink packaging system with hermetic seals

  • Sustainable alternative to stretch-wrapping under modified atmosphere

  • Dual-compartment vacuum packaging system for high-quality meat

  • Skin packaging system for thermoformer applications

  • Skin packaging system for tray-sealing applications


Full line solution for minced meat

SEALPAC A7max traysealer, Böseler Goldschmaus, Germany

Investment project at veal producer Ekro completed with installation of thermoformers

Testimonial fresh meat

Renowned Dutch veal producer invests in four SEALPAC thermoformers.

Ekro, The Netherlands

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Turkish meat manufacturer launches modified atmosphere packaging for fresh red meat

Testimonal meat

SEALPAC A7 traysealers provide flexibility, as well as high outputs.

Sultan Et, Turkey

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Combining highest output with flexibility

Testimonial fresh meat

How SEALPAC and Handtmann addressed the requirements for minced meat packaging at Edeka Südwestfleisch Rheinstetten.

EDEKA, Germany

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Quick replacement of traysealer at Danish meat manufacturer

Testimonial fresh meat

Swift delivery of SEALPAC A6 traysealer boosts output of Danish meat company.

Slagter Norlyk, Denmark

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Semi-automatic traysealer for fresh meat and poultry

SEALPAC M-series traysealer

Fresh meat and poultry in modified atmosphere packaging

SEALPAC A6 traysealer, Boni Vers Ambacht, The Netherlands

Ultimate flexibility in minced meat packaging

SEALPAC A6 traysealer, Himmerlandskød, Denmark

Successful relaunch of meat products in Switzerland

Testimonial TraySkin ThermoSkin meat

Meat manufacturer Bigler relaunches its meat products in a striking, uniform design.

Bigler, Switzerland

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Versatility in the production of retail and volume packs of minced meat


SEALPAC A6 traysealer provides ultimate flexibility to Danish meat producer.

Himmerlandskød, Denmark

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Fresh meat in flexible film vacuum packaging

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Friusa, Spain

Frozen minced meat in thermoformer packs under vacuum

SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, Fåddman, Sweden

Flexibility in packaging various types of fresh meat in trays

SEALPAC A7 traysealer, Sultan Et, Turkey

Packaging of minced meat in trays at highest outputs

SEALPAC A10 traysealer, EDEKA, Germany


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