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M-Flex: semi-automatic traysealer

Based on a minimum footprint, the semi-automatic M-Flex traysealer enables companies with smaller production volumes and frequent product changes to enter the professional world of tray-sealing, for example by combining highest product protection with an attractive appearance and economical use of materials.


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Servo-driven film transport system


Self-explanatory touch-screen display


Only requires electricity, no water or air


Extremely stable and compact construction


Handles all types of sealable trays and film


Change to different pack formats in just minutes


Within the segment of tray-sealing, we are renowned for our highly efficient machines that are capable of packaging large quantities of products quickly, safely, and fully automatically, even in the most demanding industrial environments. With the semi-automatic M-Flex traysealer, we now also enable companies with smaller production volumes and frequent product changes to enter the professional world of tray-sealing.

High efficiency and flexibility

The compact M-Flex traysealer is based on the rotation principle. Whilst manual loading and unloading of the trays takes place at the front, the actual packaging process takes place at the back simultaneously. This is not only extremely efficient, it also allows our customers to use SEALPAC’s entire range of packaging systems in a small space, from standard solutions to innovative concepts, such as TraySkin®, FlatSkin®, FlatMap®, EasyLid®, and more. Even with high product protrusion!

Versatile in application

All major packaging materials, including plastic, aluminium, and paper, are reliably processed into safe, attractive, and contemporary packaging with the highest degree of precision. As such, the M-Flex offers craft workshops, small business startups, laboratories, test kitchens and catering suppliers SEALPAC’s entire portfolio of packaging solutions in an extremely small space and with shortest set-up times.

Benefits at a glance

  • Continuous process due to rotating table
  • Intuitive touch-screen display
  • Servo-driven film transport
  • Film arms can be folded up during transport
  • Fully electric (requires no water or compressed air)
  • Supplied on wheels as an option
  • Runs all SEALPAC packaging concepts, including FlatSkin®
  • Quick tooling exchange system for optimal flexibility
  • Comes with all the proven SEALPAC technologies



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    Complete overview of the various models available within the M-series traysealers.

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